Meet My Father Testimonies

Find out how we met our Father!

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The last thing I ever would of thought many years ago when I was in the United States Navy, or working as a law enforcement office is that one day I’d be involved in ministry, much less a ministry that has my name on it...More

Greg Lancaster

Somehow God was drawing me back home, but I just wasn’t willing to give up on my dreams and aspirations. God finally had to take drastic measures, and he allowed me to go through a devastating season of stress...More

Traci Hamilton


God doesn’t make excuses on how he works in the lives of his children. For some he requires great suffering and mighty moves of his presence to be expressed...More

Renee Hamilton

I have shared personal testimony with individuals. Now I want to post it for whosoever wants or needs to know how amazing is the grace of God; how complete and perfect is the Love of God; and how abundant are the mercies of God!...More

Daphne Richbourg


Even as a child, my days seemed to be empty and extremely lonely. Going through day to day doing everything you’re supposed to do...More

Cindy Granger

From my earliest memories, I was raised in a Catholic home. I attended CCD all throughout middle school and early high school...More

Steve Kaliszewski



I grew up in a Christian home, and in 1998 my parents went into full time ministry. So I am a pastor’s kid...More

Amber Barr

I was born and raised in Queens, NY. I was also another kid raised in the church. I knew who Jesus was and I understood the “key points”, but never really listened or cared...More

Jekri Sheppard


...God called me by my name. I actually thought there was a man in my house calling me! His voice was just that clear. He proceeded to tell me all the things I had ever done to try to please Him...More

Barbara Still

Well, I was very rebellious and really did care too much about others. I had just entered the Navy and was 18 years old. I learned about God from the Catholic Church and had an experience with God in Fifth grade...More

Brett Holderbaum


Growing up as a young boy my family was never very religious. My father wanted us to have a good education so he put me and my brother in a private Catholic school. That was as close to knowing about God as it came...More

Pat Hamilton

I grew up in what I considered at the time to be a Christian home. I lived like everyone else. I did whatever I wanted...More

John Ramos


I was raised in a Christian home so I've known of God all my life and believed that God did exist and that He is a faithful God...More

Donna Lancaster

I knew to a point God loved me but I had no idea how to reach Him or if He would even care to hear my cries. It was then I began seeking after Him...More

Marjane Hamilton


Growing up, I didn’t really know who God was or Jesus for that matter...More

Chris Hamilton

I learned at a young age that no matter what happens at home or in your heart you always smile and give the perception that everything is fine...More

Khechara Bradford



I was saved July, 1996. Standing on a 100 acre farm in Bonifay, Florida, I had nothing but the clothes on my back...More

Peter Vanneste

Even though I knew the truth of who Jesus was, there was a major disconnect in my life. I knew in my head that God loved me, but my heart believed that I was not good enough; I was unlovable...More

Sharon Holderbaum



I grew up in the church and going to revivals.  I learned all of the bible stories, went to a Christian school for a time, and saw my parents relationship with God.  And although I dedicated my life to Jesus when I was young, I never really understood what it meant for me to have a relationship with God...More

Brianna Bolender